Frequently Asked Questions - homebuyers-sellers

“How much does this cost?”

FREE. There is absolutely no cost or obligation to receive your home or loan evaluation.

“How soon will I get my free evaluation?”

As soon as you complete the short, information page … we will contact an expert real estate or loan specialist in your neighborhood. He or she will then contact you by phone or email to begin your free, no-obligation evaluation process.

“I’m interested in buying property. Will your service help?”

Absolutely. Our neighborhood real estate specialists are experts in helping you sell … or … buy property.

“Will my information remain confidential?”

It is your right, and our duty to protect any of the information you provide us. Be assured that our real estate and loan counselors also respect your right to privacy in these sensitive financial matters.

“This seems like a wonderful service. How did you create this?”

Just like you, we have bought and sold our own homes. We know the home buying and selling process can be confusing and even downright …a little scary. With so much money at stake, who wouldn’t be a bit scared?

So we created a network of North American real estate and loan specialists whose #1 goal is your total satisfaction. Our members are experts in their field, averaging more than 15 years experience. Isn’t this the type of real estate or loan counselor you want advising you?

So please take a moment to complete the information form. You can easily save thousands when buying or selling your next property. And our loan specialists will get you the cheapest loan possible.